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Newbie Looking For Recommendations


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I'm soon to be a new Lexus owner, waiting for my 200SE to be delivered, and need ot get organised for a couple of things, I've already been searching through the forums, but can't find all the answers.

A recommended installer for a car kit in Hampshire or details of how to mute the stereo on the 04 model

A recommended installer for parking sensors

If any of the above can do an iPod integration (Aux inputs are fine) that'd be a bonus too.



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Congratulations on the car :)

Unfortunetly, the IS200 Head Unit DOES NOT have Aux in, so you can not just connect your Ipod straight into your Lexus. But you can use an FM Modulator to get the sound straight into your car - however the sound quality is not really all that great :(

As for parking sensors, this place offers a nationwide service:

Good Luck! :)

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Congratualtions on joining the Lexus owners club and getting an IS200 :)

I just finished fitting some car parking sensors yesterday and there great....

Some pics :)

A far view of the rear sensors...


A closer view of the rear sensors...


A the parking sensor display...


I bought mine from Dave at Prolex-UK with the display coming from SteveAudioX... The set I fitted is identical to this kit

but with a display as well.

Spray paint to colour code them to the car was about 9 quid from Lexus.

Hole saw, arbour, round file from B&Q about 9 quid total.

Took about 2 - 3 hours to fit

Go gold and you may get some discount from Prolex-UK as well :)

HTH :)

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