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Cheap Gold Plating


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Hi guys,

I have a new Chrome Trunk Trim, (See Pic) and Chrome Exhaust Trim.

How can I turn them gold? I already have gold badges.

Can I do it myself using some kind of kit?

I don't mind sending them off to a company via post and then recieving them back a few days later.

Anyone done this?


PS I have the gold badge set for an IS300, so need a 200 badge to replace the 300, but in gold.

If anyone has the "200" bit from Lexus badges in gold that would be interested in a swap for the "300" or cash. Send me a PM.

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Hi Guys, thanks for the interest. Unfortunately, I am not able to do any gold plating. The reason for this is simple. I am an authorised trader to the LOC, however there is a club sponsor who offers this service, who has a long standing arrangement with the club.

As I am sure you will agree, we have to respect the club rules and respect the club sponsors position, so please submit your enquiry to them.

Anyway, the method of gold plating that I can do is different. I believe that GoldGenie use the "Wand" method, which is good and affordable, however my method is by total submersion, including total chrome-stripping and recoating. The process itself is expensive, so I dont intend pushing our gold plating anyway.

Thanks for the interest anyway, and sorry I cant do it for you. Now if yoou want chroming, Anodising, Polishing or Vinyls, then thats a different matter. Were also experimenting with some rather nice, what shall we call it, erm......"AnoChrome" which effectively coats anything with a chrome based coating with just a tint of an anodised dye, giving it that pearlescent sort of look. If we can get the mix right, it will look ACE on wheels.

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