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Nicked In Northampton


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They were so pleased to see me in Northampton that they took my picture on the way out with one of their cameras and sent me a copy with a Notice of Prosecution. 35 in a 30 limit. So kind.

No excuse for speeding but 35 - what a bummer. I wrote them a nice letter politely drawing attention to the ACO guidlines which advocates non-prosecution at 10% of limit plus 2 mph. Was this issued in error?

I received their reply today. They are sticking to their guns (let's hope Northampton Police are never armed) but offer an alternative. I can elect to attend a Speed Workshop in Northampton which is a 3-hour session on a day of their choosing, not weekends. The cost of the course is £60 in lieu of the fine and points.

Presumably I will have the opportunity to meet with like-minded people, be served a good meal and maybe a dance or two with the Chief Constable's wife.

I wonder what they do with the sixty quid? I must ask them.

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yup - they're a lovely lot - I got done TWICE in 20 minutes by the same freaking hidden camera (going there and coming back) - they wouldn't back down on that either.

Northants Police are on the pilot scheme to use all the fine money to buy more cams (along with Thames Valley and one other that I can't remember)

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ACPO Guidelines are exactly what they say ... "guide lines"

That does not mean that police actually "must" ad here to them - bummer I know.

Just go got the fine, and do that course thingy ....

They usually offer this course for drivers who have also been recently prosecuted for other offences such as

* Driving without due care and attention

* Inconsiderate or careless driving

Just got for the course mate ..... save the licence !!

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Thanks for the update on the location, as it happens my journies into Northants dont take me to that neck of the woods (it's mostly the County Council buildings I get to see), but I will definatly make more use of the cruise control a bit more within the county :)

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:yack: :yack: :yack: makes you want to do something slightly illegal;. I'd bet that 75%cars-say- will be doing 35 in 30 limit;it's partly how cars are geared, plus how we've all got to drive at a similar speed.

But then ....£60 and the resultant 3 points, which ups your insurance (or negates it if you don't tell them!!!) is 'cruel and unusual punishment' in my eyes!

I think careful application of sticky tape to your number plate could be the answer. You could change an 'F' to an 'E' quite easily, a '3'to an '8' etc etc. Get the concept? The BIG COMPUTER will either throw a wobbly, or send it to a Mini in Exeter.....Just don't leave it on for ever....keep changing. OR...get a foreign plate...? If people start getting abused in this way too much, as seems to be happening, they will react. I'd guess that the first party to rescind speeding fines or at least ameliorate them will get elected?

I hope this goes out anonymously!

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I've returned the RSVP to Northampton's finest, accepting their invitation. It's a better alternative to getting points.

Economically, there is no contest. I am insured on 4 cars; my insurer loads 8% per car per driver for each offence. Over 3 years before the points expire, that's quite a loading.

An issue I'm not happy with is that I have to attend on the day they offer and breaking a business meeting to do so is a real drag. Also an offender is allowed only 'one course ever' in lieu of points - they have asked me to bring my licence along and I suspect that they are going to mark it in some way.

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