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New Gs At The 'ring?

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think it looks very Saab-y :(

I was pretty PO'd because I had to change in October, so couldn;t wait for the new shape GS 430.

Having seen these shots though - I am not so unhappy


need to see it in the flesh - I have a proven history of dis-liking new cars in photos, and loving them in the flesh (the limited edition yellow IS being a case in point)

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New Lexus GS wins the Auto Trophy 2004 in Germany thanks to its new sophisticated design

The only chance to see the new Lexus GS was at motor shows and in magazines. Nevertheless, those glimpses were enough to impress 84,000 German readers of "Auto Zeitung" and "TV Movie", naming the new Lexus GS the winner of the 2004 Auto Trophy prize for imported Luxury cars. The coveted awards were presented last Tuesday by Volker Koerdt, editor in chief of "Auto Zeitung", at a celebratory gala in Berlin.

"The GS is the first model following the new Lexus design philosophy. I am pleased that just a few visual impressions were enough to convince so many expert readers of Auto Zeitung and TV Movie", said Markus Schrick, Managing Director of Lexus in Germany, when he received the prize.

The Lexus GS gained 16.5% of readers' votes. Auto Trophy prizes were awarded in 25 categories.

"The new GS represents the next step in the evolution of the Lexus approach to design", commented Stuart McCullough, Director of Lexus Europe, "The brief to our designers was to capture a combination of elegance and simplicity in the new design. It is especially pleasing that this approach has been acknowledged by the readers Auto Zeitung and TV Movie, even before the car has gone on sale."

The new Lexus GS will be launched on the European market during spring 2005 with two engine variants, a new direct injection 3.0 litre V6 and a 4.3 litre V8.

Thanks Nico ;)
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