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Difference In Is 200 And Is 200sport?


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I have got a good price on a black Is 200 2000 mod.

The only thing that I dont like is that its not a sport.

It has leather seats with and its black(not sure about if its a metalic.)

I have understand that the difference would be dark vindows,Alu pedals /door sils,6 speaker not 8,different steering wheel and slip diff.

Is there anything else that is on the sport?

What about the stereo,is it the same other than the speakers?

Could I easily put in speakers like the sport,and alupedals and door sils?

Sorry about the bad english.



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as long as the car is not a base/bottom model they all have 8 speakers, as far as i know the radios are the same it is just the amp that is different for the base model, the alu door sills take 5 mins to do, they are kept in place by plastic clips, the alu pedals, for the clutch and brake these are easy to fit, for the gas pedal u have to change the whole pedal unit, or just buy clip on covers for the pedals.

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The Sport's specification includes full leather upholstery, tinted side and rear windows, a subtle rear lip spoiler, a Torsen limited slip differential, short shift gear lever, drilled alloy pedals and stainless steel door trim scuff plates plus two tone black/silver steering wheel.

This is from, it refers to latest model - but think the steering wheel and LSD applies as well ........... as to those listed above ... also some sport decal stickers on rear quarter lights.

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