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Drilling S/steel


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Scorpion make sure you have a good sharp hss drill bit, then use some lube like cutting oil and drill at a slow speed, to fast and you'll just burn out the drill bit. Depending what size hole your drilling you could put in a pilot hole first, hope this info helps cheers Steve.

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1. Make sure the bit you are using is very sharp

2. Always centre punch the hole to be drilled

3. NEVER drill a hole in S/S more than 4mm without firstly drilling a pilot hole.

4. Keep the cutting speed low.

5. If you are drilling into the polished end of an exhaust - use a coolant, and only apply moderate pressure - otherwise you will scorch the steel and it will go blue.

Never attempt to drill without the centre punch otherwise the drill bit will dance across the piece and scratch it, not to mention possibly slipping of the piece altogether risking further damage and possible personal injury.

Always wear suitable eye protection :geek:

If the swarf is coming away is very small splinters, then your drill bit is not sharp enough. Use a new, quality drill bit, preferably a Presto Bit, none of your cheap rubbish as they are not hardened sufficiently.

Try and mount the piece firmly in a vice or clamped to a bench, so you can free up the other hand to steady the drill and keep the pressure light.

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