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Need Parts For Soarer V8 4l 91


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could you advice me where to find:

1. monitor for my soarer (backlight is gone, but touch screen still works, so even repair is ok)

2. My right window (driver's) slide is broken. Motor is runing, but mechanic is broken. Anybody repairs or have new?

Thank you in advance,


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The backlight can be replaced, but modification is needed to fit a slightly different bulb, as the originals aren't available anymore.

Luke does these repairs, so if you contact him, he should be able to sort you out. Not sure if this will work, you may have to register and be logged in to view it;

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0r alternativly go to planet soarer or the australian soarers owners club for the difinative diy repairs on soarers,it may not be the tube in the back light that has failed but the circuit that drives it, you will only find this out by taking the emv out and checking the in circuit fuse, if this has blown then you will need a new capacitor and transistors for the tube driver circuit . i am currently working on obtaining replacement tubes for the existing circuitry and also the reason why the emv unit becomes so temperature sensative ,ie only works above certain temp as it gets older similar to blinky dash so capacitors are first suspects

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Unfortunately in regard to EMV repair, there are no definitive answers, which is why I hold the largest stock of EMV parts in the UK for any EMV failures that are beyond economical repair/fault finding - yes EMV repair is down to good old fashioned fault finding techniques.

There are no reliable tube replacements available (they all fail within a year). My own backlight replacement is guaranteed for a year.

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