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silver surfer

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Hello everyone,

i am new to LOC :D , I am currently on TOC and i want to sell my Corolla Levin

so that I can Buy a Soarer.

I am looking for advice on buying a Soarer, my budget is £5,000. please could someone answer a few questions.

I apologise if my questions seem silly, I do not know alot about these cars, only that I really want one, I have seen a 2.5 turbo locally and i love it

What sort of model should I get for £5000

Is it cheaper to import one, or shall i stick to buying locally.

What insurance group are they

Is there anything that is a common fault that i should look out for

What is the best model to go for

If importing is better value, can you reccomend a firm

What would be the maximum mileage you would go for

Any answers would be greatly appreciated, and any other advice.

many thanks. :zee:

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If you don't know much about the Soarer, may I suggest that you either find someone who has one and lives local, and go take a look. Or you could have a look over on and then speak to Loaded, he might be able to help you, not sure if I'm aloud to say anymore than that, but you could do alot worse :D

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your age will have the main bearing on the insurance ,it will be around group 18/19, the 2.5 tt is faster than the V8 but does not have the refinements, have a look on e bay there are some nice soarers to be found on there ,but have a look at them before bidding.

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I bought my Soarer in March and wish someone had told me the following beforehand:

1/ If you are going for a TT, get one with TEMS (whizzy suspension gizmo) – which usually means that GT-TL rather than the GT-T.

2/ Don’t go for a cheapie. I did and it worked out more expensive in the end.

3/ Don’t take it drag racing. You’ll get hooked and spend a fortune on tuning bits.

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My friend has just bought a Soarer. He's not been able to register on here yet but has seen your post. He's asked I drop you a line with his email address in case that he can offer any help/advice. Look out in your PM box.

He's planning to register after payday and go for the Gold membership...!

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How is it going? Sold the Corolla yet? Looked at any Soarers yet?  :)

I have had problems selling the corolla levin, i did post it on eBay but i got

some idiot timewaster bidding for it, so now i have to relist again. i think that i might have to wait until january to sell the car as it is so lcose to xmas

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