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Loan '04 Is200 Auto 4000 Miles


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Hello All,

I just got for couple days a loan car as my baby needed to get back to lexus to fix their predelivery stuff ( repaint bumper, headlight cluster change, couple others).

I would like to tell you my opinion on diffrences I noticed. And I really like my 01 better ..

1. Full leather - It is dark grey not black. My half lether is more comfortable to sit on and nicer to touch.

2. The dashboard pieces are not in gunmetal color - they are in black rubber and look much worst. the panels around window switches are silver and look ok. the instrument panel suroundings are in black and around the clocks inside is silver.

3. the armrest (short one) is to short for me. I am not to high so i don't put my sit much to the back and I can hardly reach it. I don't have an armrest at all in mine and I tought about it but now I don't want it.

4. the gear change knob is silver like in manual not leather. Kind of like it...

5. Grey alloys - look good on dark grey metallic... I have silver on platinum ice...

6. curtain airbags - I dont have em.

7. Headlights- darker inside - looking good.

8. Driving and handling - the suspension is a bit (very little) stiffer - as the car is newer. Response to throtle is similar.

9. On the intrument panel the temperature gauge switched places with MPG gauge.

That's about it... and telling the truth I am very happy that didn't go for a newer one. Driving is the same, and it really looks better inside. An 04 one would cost about 17-18 k. I undestand fewer miles, warranty but... I will not drive it a lot as have a company car.. So I am happy fellow :)

This are all my personal opinions so please don't feel offended - I am sure we all love our cares so much :hehe:

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