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Mpeg Film


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Most PC video applications allow you to do this. Obviously varies depending which app you use but its a case of importing the mpeg image into the app and then either cutting it down/cutting bits out to fit to the size you want or splitting it into two seperate sections and saving each to a disc but as its only 12 minutes over, (depending what it is) you may want to find 12 minutes to chop out. Probably easier to find 12 mins you don't want if a home movie but not so easy if its a program/film/etc. As for applications, there are many free ones out there and you probably got one when you bought your DVDr writer. Or you can buy them. Or you can download them from certain file sharing services!

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If you have Nero 6 installed, the "RECODE" application does this really well by altering the compression and re-encoding the video / audio files

As per Rodders using something like nero is your best option for a decent quality DVD.

Failing that do a search for avi and mpeg splitter.

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