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Need A Few Parts, Best Place For Cheapness?


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Hello, that dreaded day has come where my Power Steering pump has started to whine on my 93 LS400. :angry: Plus they would only give me 5% off as a Gold Member.

Well phoned up Lexus Swindon, They quoted like £400 + VAT for the Pump, £174 + VAT for the Pulley and + £87 for the belt?? Are they taking the **** or what?

I thought I would be looking at about £200 for the lot.

Also I think I have a very slight blowing from the front of the exhaust somewhere, haven't had it up on the ramps as yet, but I can only notice the blow whe I turn the ignition off. (Gives a quick blow before it shuts off completly). Obviously Kwik Fit and the Like are gonna be Useless, I was thinking of a full S/S system from Longlife who Did my T5. But do I leave it quiet or give it a bit of a V8 Roar?? hmmm

If i was to choose standard kit, does anyone know where to get exhausties cheap?? I'm hoping it's not one of the manifolds. But if it is would like some nice chrome ones if you know where I could get em??

Let us Know Peeps!!

Bison :zee:

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EGR = Exhaust Gas Recirculation. It pumps part of the exhaust gasses back into the inlet to reduce emissions from the engine, and it might be blowing as its under slight pressure.

Regarding that eBay advert for bits from the breakers yard in Worthing, I used them a month or so ago for some suspension bits and found the chap there extremely helpful and rather good pricing.

Swift Spares @ Worthing

Tel 01903 856 568

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