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Beams Tuning


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Hi all,

This post is in response to many an hour thinking about the tuning possibilities of my is200.

To be honest I would like to know what the 'beams' people did to the 4 cylinder engine?

They have reached a considerable more bhp and toque from a smaller engine.

Excuse my ignorance as I know nothing about tuning!

However, can the 6 cylinder by increased (as beams did) with non- s/c or turbo options to reach the same bhp i.e. through intake, inlet/outlet manifold, cylinder head, exhaust, chip.

You wise words would be appreciated (as the warranty is now out)



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'beams' is a marketing term not a group of people. The 6 cylinder engine is also a 'beams' engine. The 4 cylinder engine isn't any smaller they are both 2 litre engines.

It would be difficult to get the 6 cylinder engine to produce the same power as the 4 cylinder. The head design of the 6 cylinder is for economy rather than performance. The 4 cylinder engine is also a newer design of engine and has many technology advances such as dual VVT-i, very high compression ratio and titanium valves.

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Thanx for that Colin, I was just thinking like a non-mechanic i.e. 6 cylinders better than 4. Also, with all the guys selling new complex performance modifications at the moment (other than the usual), it made me think.

Can we get our heads done? :)

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