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After 18 months of extremely cossetted and relaxing motoring, my Lexus ownership has come to an abrupt end, as did 12 years of claim free motoring in the UK.

Just a quick note to say thanks to you all for the advice and general conversation. I didn't post much but visited often.

I can't afford another Lexus just yet but one day...

It's a crying shame to see a car do 116,000 miles and the engine to be so sweet that the oil leaves the engine after 9,000 miles as golden as when it went in go that way.


Nilpoints (motorcycling everywhere now!)

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I wasn't paying attention and turned into the path of an oncoming car. Simple as that. I feel like I've betrayed the car which never let me down! Strange really. I don't know if it makes me more confident in my driving or less. I think of all the calculated risks I have taken and never even got close to a bump. I drift off in my concentration and straight into the path of another car. Basically, I was driving like a stereotypical OAP who shouldn't be on the road.

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Sorry to hear that.. maybe you can get another soon... at least you can admit it was your fault.. it takes a real person to do that. and as said before .. it happens nobodys perfect..

I hope you can get another car that you can feel passionate about like the lex..


Ps stick around though.. :D just because at the moment you dont have a lex.. you can still stay.. :D

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