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Is210 Is On The Road...............


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Got my car back from TDI towers today.

Now fitted with a 2.1 all steel engine,TDI modified head,prolex lightened f/wheel.

Running her in for 1000 miles then its back for the HKS FCON Pro ecu, secret squirrel fuel upgrade,TDI stage 2 s/c pully upgrade,100 bhp NOS jets.

Thanks to Mark and greg (?) for working til 6.30 on a zaturday to get it finished.

when its done we will be looking at .8bar of boost and a maximum rpm of 7000 RPM. This should make for some interesting times :whistling:

Next year we will be going for something so :ph34r:

Not sure on BHP but hoping for 285/290 normal 385/390 with NOS..........luckily enough I have a spare gearbox :duh:

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The autos change down very quickly into a lower gear to make use of what little torque the 200 has.

If you want the IS to be fast you need to keep the revs above 4,000 so change at over 5,000.

Sounds awesome mate,

Looking forward to seeing it.

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Early days yet Steve.........have to run it in for 1000 miles so no more than 4000 rpm :duh:

Can notice the flywheel much quicker on pick up.............

I'll get the full benefit after 1000 miles :driving:

Will ask Mark to do a dyno just withn the new head & normal s/c for comparison purposes.


Does it currently drive any different, does it use more fuel, does it currently seem smoother or anything?

I know it's early dayz as theres more to go on it, but is there a sign of any difference so far?

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We will post some pics Mat, and hope to start a new thread about the stage 2 as soon as poss. After having a 100% success rate with our stage 1 upgrades it wil be nice to have some stage 2's out there to prove to the Doubting Thomas's that they are wrong.

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one question. seeing as the power has been upped quite a bit im interested in knowing how the IS200 chassis copes and what you have had to do to get it to accomodate it? i.e can the power be put down without it stepping out, wheels spinning etc. Although i assume that the racelogic traction control will be sorting a fair few of those conditions. but as the chassis was designed for half that power i wud have thought i might put up a little fight.

I find that the supercharger alone causes enoguth problems for grip in the wet as it is, lol.

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