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Rear Speaker

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im new on this thing...but does n e one know the size of the rear speaker of the 1998 GS300? its juss one speaker (sub?) and im thinkin of changin it but cant figure out the description in owners manual and nothing on the speaker itself...if n e one knows then help me dyin to get this car to look and sound better...any additional info on how to make it sound better would help lots...thanx :driving:

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Share on other sites not quite gettin u on the mk1 or 2 new to all this lexus thing so yea...wuts the difference between mk1 and mk2 ?? thinkin mk1's are the older gs 95 or sumthing...and mk2 the 98 or 99 model...idk correct me if im wrong...i need to learn this junk... :blink:

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