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Mounting An Amp

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I have been toying with how to mount my amps for weeks now. I was thinking of doing the same thing, behind the seats.. Also considered getting a rear strut brace, and using it to help support building a box section to house all the kit behind.. nice and neat. Would hide the brace itself, and all my amps.. carpuer, DEQ-P the whole lot :)

Other option was a false floor.. but makes access to spare a pain in the ****!

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both of my IS's had/have the amps mounted on the back of the rear seats, with the old car having them screwed directly onto the back, and what i have done with my 300 is mount them on two 'blocks' this allows me to route the cables behind the amp and out roudn the side.. ill post a picture in mo..

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when i had 'professionals' (oxford audio) fit my kit on the lasy IS they mounted directly to the back seat via self tappers..

What i have done this time though is make two MDF battons to mount the amps on, that way i can have the cables come out directly behind the amps and feed out to the terminals.. i did the same for the crossovers.

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