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Noise When Changing Gears


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Hi dudes,

Got a quick question- I got my IS200 sport a few weeks back, and I have noticed that when I change up gear from 1-2-3, i hear a little thud type noise twice, every time i change a geear. This doesn't seem to happen in 4-5-6 though, so I don't think its normal! Is this making any sense at all to anyone? Or do I need to try and explain it a bit better?



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Sounds normal, it's usually referred to as a clunking - is that what you're hearing?

If you hold the clutch down slightly longer before changing gear does the noise disappear?

PS Welcome to LOC ;)

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ive had my lexus for 8 months now and i noticed the same cluunking noise in the lower gears when i first drove it.

You will find that it goes away the more you get used to driving the car and you will adapt accordingly.

you just need to get on the clutch a tiny bit earlier before changing gear and it all becomes nice and quietly smooth!!!!!!!!!

oh and dont change gear in the lower gears until 2500-3000revs this helps also.


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