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Strange Network Problems Again


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ok this is rather strange.

Im trying to set up a Pc to have internet access, and also a connection to the company network

at the moment its using a USB adsl modem, and plugged into the network, everything works fine but both will not work together

if the internet is connected the network fails to respond.

as soon as the internet is turned off it works again. this is on windows 2000.

some other infomation.

the computer is at a remote site and is connected to the main network via a kilostream BT connection to the main server, the remote site has a cisco router which connects to 2 dumb plinths and 2 pc's.

i tried to add a Netgear ADSL Router to the network but this also gives me the same results internet but no network :( I have set up a few of these ADSL routers to work with the existing server at the main site without problem. but just doesnt seem to work at the remote site.

Any one have any idea's?

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I have had this setup working at the main office where it works with both the internet router and the company network at the same time, without problem :) on machines with NT3 win 2k and xp. Im thinking that the BT kilostream box isnt talking with the netgear router perhaps?

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you would need to define static ip routes on the pc for the internal network(s) pointing to the router on the internal LAN and use a default gateway pointing to the Internet connection.

At the moment it sounds like you have a default gateway defined on both interfaces and a dial up interface will take preference which is why the internal network (other than the PCs directly connected network) cannot be accessed once connected to the Internet

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Colin is dead right.

You need to switch off your default gateway on the network card. Next you will need to set a static route to the network in the other office.

So, on the PC at the remote site, have no default gateway set on the network card. Your USB ADSL will give you one for the internet side of things.

Then manually add a route at the command prompt of the network you want to connect to. To do this, find the IP your Cisco router is on, and the IP range your remote network is on. Now set a route for this. At the command prompt, type :

(Lets say your Cisco is on and your remote network is on

route -p add mask

This will force any packets destined for 10.8.8.x out of the Cisco router. All other packets not within your subnet will go out of the default gateway that will be set when you connect via your ADSL modem.

The -p just makes it permanent. You can remove it by typing : route delete I'm also assuming the full subnet. Even if it's not, it will be fine unless the same subnet is segmented across multiple sites

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Thanks for the help guys :)

Im still a little confused

also I dont want to use the usb modem as it would be nice to have internet access for both pc's at the remote site. what I tried was this

connected up the ADSL Router, and plugged it in between the network and pc.

I set the adsl router to an Ip using the same ip range as the network with subnet of and set the pc's settings to how they were originally but chaned the default gateway to that of the IP number of the ADSL router, and added in the DNS numbers for BT's brokenworld servers.

This setup worked faultless at the head office where the main server is on and allowed both the network and internet access to work together. but when i try this at the remote site it blocks the network access :(

Should I enter the cisco routers IP number into the static route option on the ADSL router?

also the PC was setup with some DNS infomation to work with the network, is this the problem im having? at the main office the pc's didnt need this DNS info to function with the network.

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Yes if you set the default gateway of the PCs to the ADSL router then you need a route on that pointing towards the Kilostream router.

If the ADSL router is a Cisco then the config is:

ip route 10.1.2.x ( x being whatever the ip address is of the cisco router connected to the BT kilostream)

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