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Is 200 Auto Locking?


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It will only AUTO lock it's self, if you use the remote to OPEN the doors .....

and after about 30 - 45 seconds, you don't actually open any of the doors, it will auto lock.

I think this is just to prevent pressing the unlock button your remote by mistake - leaving the vehicle valnerable to criminals !


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I always use my remote fob to open the doors whilst i am still in the kitchen then walk round to my car parked outback, only to find that if im not quick enough it relocks itself.

This happens about 5 times a week, you would think I would have learnt by now by what the hell i just walk faster. LOL

on the is200 se it relocks after 20 secs if no doors are opened, but only if the remote is used.

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Isn't this feature a requirement of the Thatcham approval anyway?

Mine locks if I don't go near the doors after unlocking it but I haven't got a clue how long it takes!

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