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Is200 Radio Replacement

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yes its possible, lots of us have done this,, there is a stock amp that is behind the glove box and to the left, above the kick panel..

i beleive that autoleads does a loom.

have you sat nav..

no i dont have sat nav,do you know the autoleads part number

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Hmm... have just looked at their shipping charges. Talk about taking the *****.... cheapest is $49 !! UPS is $74. I have emailed to ask why a small, relatively light item costing only $25 will cost double its value to ship.... and I thought that this was rip-off Britain!

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If you just have an IS200(no S, SE or Sport), then the Autoleads adaptor should work fine. Its easy to check if you have an amp.. just remove the glove box and you should see it just under the vent on the passenger side if its there.

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I have sat nav in my is200 and I am fitting a aftermarket radio but can't find any leads at all has any body found any or know of any that are out there I don't want to lose the sat nav thank you

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