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Newbie Question

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Hi all, new to this forum. Just got myself an IS200 yday, and one of the 1st things I wanna do is to replace the stereo with my own alpine unit.

The question is what do I need?

I know I need the facia plate. Where do I get these from? Tried Halfords but they don't have any.

What this about amplifiers?

Do I need an ariel adapter?

One other thing, if I take out the original unit, when I put it back in, will it ask me for some kind of code? cause I don't know or have this code. I know some manufactures have this feature, but I'm not sure if the Lexus one does.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Welcome to the Club :)

the facia can be ordered from Halfords ask them to get their book out!!!

but the stereo wont just wire up that easy, if your car is an S spec then there is an audioleads adapter, but if you have the amp your pretty much going to have to rip most of it out to get it working and replace the rear speakers too.

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lol dont be scared by what brett said.. its not as bad as it sounds..

what he means by a rewire is the run new speaker cable to the speakers adn back to your alpine,

you can get the power from the existing stereo connector,

you will need to replace the rear speakers as they work a little differnt to normal 6x9's due to the use of the factory amp that is located behind the glovey and above the kick panel.

do you have sat nav..

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if you had sat nav then you need to keep the amp plugged in is the only reason i asked.

Yes, get yourself the items listed and bobs ya uncle.

you could also get a double DIN fasica via Chris Shipley on this forum, he works in a lexus parts dept..

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In theory, it should play only highs or lows.

I think i'm gonna return my 6*9s (Too much hassle to put in) and just use the highs of the stock speakers for a little bit of rear fill.

It is possible to use to stock speakers with a new head unit, but i'm not too sure if its bypassing the amp or or not. Pm Sanj Mr-Lex as his installer has done this ;)

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If you're going to use the stock rear speakers, just make sure you get the loading right. The woofers are only 2 ohms, and not all amps, built-in or otherwise are 2 ohm stable.

You will need at least a four channel amp if you want to run front & rears, and some passive crossovers for the fronts.. or go for a 6 channel amp and run the actively rather than passivley.

Have a look here its a 6 channel amp, I had one in my Impreza, reasonable sound, and only £149 now! Was £00 when I got it! Also has built in xovers, have a look, will be well worth the investment for the quality in sound.

If you want to learn more about this kind of stuff, go have a look at, they have a good classifieds secton too! You will see RazRankin & Mr Singh on there from LOC too

I have an Autoleads facia adaptor I'm not going to use if you have trouble getting hold of one.

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