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Screen And New Pstwo In I200

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Right i need some advice on instaling the above, what i want to do is install a screen where the sat nav goes on the is200 ( i do not have sat nav but want to place the screen in the same place) i want a screen that i can disconect when not in use so it does not get robbed. and was thinking about putting the PSTWO in the glove box. i would want the sound to come through the factory speakers (I have a sport by the way) any ideas for the above and any advice on the install and advice on a screen to use.??


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Very easy to do

I have This screen in my car at the moment, its actually alot more than you would need as this one is touch screen and VGA compatible but its 7" and comes with a quick release stand and I guess any monitor would look the same there

pstwo is low voltage so you could use a car laptop power supply and use a tape adapter for the sound, which is what im using at the moment for my Carputer, the tape deck isnt that bad and i prefer the sound quality to an FM box.

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where did you get the screen from?

is there a way of avoiding the tape unit as i wantto see as little wires as possible?

I got the screen from

but it was around £350.00 as its a pc monitor with touch screen.

The wire for the tape adapter can be hidden inside the headunit if your prepaired to take the front off the unit, and route the wire out the back, but it means you couldnt use the tape deck for playing tapes anymore unless you take out the headunit again and remove the adapter. I dont own any tapes so this isnt a problem for me. you could use FM but I really hated the sound quality of the kenwood one i had.

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