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Hi Guys,

Im real sorry about this I know my query will probably sound lame but I need some help.

Im lookin for a car. i have it down to the IS200, or the 6G Celica. I had a Gen 5 Celica before and I had to give it up at the time :crybaby:

What I want to know is what will it take and how much will it cost to get an IS200 doing 0-60 in anywhere from 6-7 secs? And I mean the full cost and effort. I love the overall look of the car and the feel of it, all it's lacking is the oomph. Basically I wis they had imported the RS200 over here kuz that's what I want at the end of it all.

Anyone who can help please let me know I'll be very grateful :)

Yas :) :mat:

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SC for the IS200 is meant to bring the 0-60 time down to 7.3seconds which is faster than a standard RS200 Altezza but you won't get much more out of it without spending £££.

Cheaper to get an RS200 and SC that. You should get into the 6 seconds then.

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