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Tte Supercharger


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Im trying to locate a schematic or sketch or better still, the fitting instructions for the TTE Compressor.

Im particularly interested in the ECU wiring plan, but the whole lot is important if I can find some.

I also need, if there is such a thing a drawing showing the internals of the compressor itself, as I need to dismantle it for chroming.

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hi pete, i dont have a diagram but i can tell u about the supercharger.

the nose ( aka the extension) contains the oil and is normally sealed, inside the nose are 2 idler gears, the vanes/lobes inside the body are supported by ball bearings at the front and by needle roller bearings at the rear. the timing of the gears relative to each other are very important to ensure that the vanes/lobes dont hit/touch each other as well as providing efficient performance ie if one gear is a tooth out it may be possible for the vanes to "mesh" and turn but provide poor performance.

so..... good indexing is required when removing all the parts and lots of picys would be an added advantage.

have sent u a pm also.

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