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Post Warranty Corrosion On Ls400 Alloys


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I've tried to check previous posts before putting this out but apologies if it has already been covered.

The alloys on my 1999 LS400 are starting to corrode quite badly. They are not the originals as they have already been replaced during the three year warranty. Given that there is no curb damage and they have been regularly cleaned, is there any precident for Lexus changing them again ? As they are replacements, do these also have a three year warranty ?

If anyone has been down this route I would be grateful to know what you did to get Lexus to change them. The alloys are the slightly bigger ones that came with the sports package.



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You are right Colin - I called Lexus Exeter and got an emphatic 'No'. I have now emailed Lexus UK to ask, and while I don't expect a positive response I am interested in what they will say. It is crazy that their alloys don't last 2 years without corroding. Even Land Rover changed my alloys post warranty when they corroded - and they are normally masters at saying 'no'

As I won't pay out £ ?lots? for new ones, I will have to look at refurbing or replacement with non Lexus alloys

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