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Ice Trouble Please Help

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Hi guys wonder if anyone can help.

Had a couple of guys come to fit a Pioneer p7500 motorised dvd/cd unit yesterday.

They had been given the wrong plug for the active speaker system by autoleads (pc9-406)

My car is an IS200 SE model (2001 Y reg)

Does anyone know where we can get the right part (20 pin Lexus SE radio plug) from and the part number.


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Hello Mate

Pretty sure the SE has an external amp & you cannot just replace the head unit without bypassing the amp, so there isnt an autoleads part.

If you had the S, this dosnt have an amp & can use a toyota adapter I think.

Hope this helps.


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As far as im aware of it wont work full stop. You would need to bypass the amp, re-wireing the speakers, using either the head units internal amp or some other external amp, something to with the factory amp controlls the stock head Unit???

Also, the 2 rear speakers account for 4 speakers due to the way they are conected so you may need to replace these too.

Remove the glove box, few pins at the bottom of it, if you have a silver thing bolted to the side of the car, this is the amp, if you have one, you will have a much bigger job on your hands than you probably planned.

Good luck & let us know how you get on!!!


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Thats the americain lead. But you dont use the pioneers on board amp and use the cars which means you'll get a simalar sound to before. The lead i got you was for an active system but the SE model has the 20 pin plug, different from most other models, even with amps.

Ive sent you an email about it mate, its going to take a little while to do

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