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Whats With The Front Lamps?


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Hello people, i want to ask You, what is wrong with my headlights if it shakes when i ride not smooth road. When there was simple bulbs i didn't noticed anything like that, after installing 7000k HID "XENON", i noticed that lamp is shaking when i drive. I think i noticed this, because HID is far far stronger. As i hit lamp with my hand, i can notice this too, seems like lamp is loose, but in lexus they said that it is normal, because the lamp controling motor is on some kind of spiral. Can it be tightened? help please, it annoys me quite much!


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This also happens on the is 300 when I drive over a rut or speed bumps. I think it must have something to do with the way the lamps are fixed to cope with the self alignment system unless someone knows anything different.

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