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Err3 To Err1

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I had the err3 message and thought i'd try pulling the fuse. It looked like the problem had gone away. Then after trying to put a disc in it came up with the same error code again. So again I tryed the fuse and once replaced i now have err1. What does this mean?

Cheers Ned.

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The eer1 seemed to have now returned to err3 so I whipped the stereo out and found a disc in there but can't get it out as it doesn't line up with the slot.

There appears to be a gear system to raise\lower the unit so I thought by manually trying to do this I could get it to line up. But it only raised one side, any ideas what the next step would be?

And finally what sort of price am I looking at for a 2nd hand unit?

Thanks Ned :crybaby:

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I had the same problem trying to get the discs out of mine, when i finally did get the discs out, the mech no longer worked as it should

by this time I found a used one on eBay and paid £150 for it

I sold my broken one with the fault listed back on eBay for £125 so not a bad price i guess then the eBay one developed an err 1 fault and Lexus swapped it as they extended the warranty on them.

if you find a used one, make sure it will fit your wiring as there are 2 different models for the Lexus and they are not compatible. Im not sure if the Altezza is different again??

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