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Talking Car Alarm


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Really :tsktsk: ed of today.

After having my car lowered, nice 18" Toora alloys put on I proudly took my car to work and parked in the car park.

After work I went to the car and noticed that my tyre value caps (gold) had been nicked and that my rear gold lexus badge had also been broken off.

:tsktsk: :tsktsk: :tsktsk: :tsktsk:

I have a spare badge at home and I can always get the tyre values again. What worries me is what else someone could have done to the car in that time!

I wish that I could get a car alarm that electricutes anyone that gets close to the car after one warning!

Really ****** off! :excl:

What can I do to prevent someone touching my car? I have seen these talking alarms that you can get - "Warning warning step away from the vehicle or the alarm will sound" - my uncle has one on his car. It sounds crap - but if it does the job I don't mind.

I don't want to change the Lexus alarm system since I know its good - but anyone know of one of these talking alarms that can be added so that if anyone gets close to the car it warns them to back off?


(A depressed) Anees

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Clifford alarms have a proximity sensor that makes a loud 'squalk' if somebody get too close - I had it on my last car, and it's pretty good at making people in the local area glance over when it goes off.

There is an add-on that makes it speak when it detects somebody in the zone, but I have a feeling that it just makes kids jump about next to your car to make it go off.


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Just been rethinking:

Wouldn't a talking alarm mean people looking at your car even MORE everytime it makes a noise!

Will look into the Clifford systems, but like I said I don't really want to spend £££'s having to replace the whole Lexus Alarm system which I like anyway.

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