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Have seen all the talk around here of TomTom Go and the PDA versions but haven't heard anything of TomTom Mobile (the phone version)!

I've got it installed on my Nokia 7610 now and it's very sweet indeed - you forget you're running it on a phone it runs that well!

Map wise I've got the full UK & Benelux maps on my card at the minute (512MB card) and speed wise she's fine - if anything I'd say that the software is running quicker than on my iPaq 5450 - searches etc are very quick and the response times of the software are very good.

I won't go into details as it's TomTom and we all know how that works - this is basically a lightweight version of the software that runs on MS Smartphones or Symbian Series 60 based phones.

The 7610 isn't officialy supported but it works anyway :)

The software as standard will only work with the TomTom Bluetooth GPS unit but can be hacked to work with any SiRF compatible receiver.

Volume etc is all down to the phone - the speakerphone is great on my phone for this, much better than my PDA was, and you have loads of voices to pick from - the US male voice seems to be about the loudest out of the English speaking voices on the phone!

It supports the POI add-ons as well like speed cameras etc.....

Well recommended - besides, navigation doesn't get much more mobile than your phone :)

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We managed to use this in anger yesterday and it worked great, I'm well impressed with the speed of route calculation compared to my iPaq 5450 - it was quicker than my iPaq was running the same UK map!

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Not on my handset (Nokia 7610) - unfortunately this can only handle one Bluetooth connection at any one time - shame really as support for multiple devices in this scenario would be excellent!

I think some of the Sony Ericcson devices can handle more than one concurrent Bluetooth connection but TomTom does not work with those phones yet.

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