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Powerjet Recommendations ?


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I've got a k'archer which i've had for years now.

Does ok but don't expect any of these hobby washers to clean a car.

Takes brake dust off wheels ok - specially the lexus refurb ones.

Typically they'll wash the worst of the muck off.

Then hand wash car all over + rinse off with jetwash.

Oh and does a reasonable job at cleaning patio etc ...


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i have a karcher washer

cost £180

problems so far :(6 months old)

base/stand broke off

hose adaptor on washer bottle broken off

tempermental starting , allways got to turn pressure down

loud screeching noises coming from it occaisonly

loads of accessories available but......there not cheap !!

i would advise buying a cheap £30 one from b and q

buy a new one every year for 6 years

at the end of the day they do the same job

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I ve got to agree with the cheap £30 one from B & Q, i bought one last year and it works fine,

just give car a quick squirt to get rid of dust particles etc then hand wash and rinse off again with washer.

Ive had no problems other than it cuts out after 10-15 mins when overheated, but thats coz im lazy and would rather stand there and blast the living ***** out of dead fly on the front grill than just remove it with a cloth. :duh:

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