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Nemesis Non-performance?


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Way back in July I purchased some Veilside wing mirrors for my IS200. Phoned NEMESIS and gave them all the details of card (which one I can't remember). The goods arrived a few days later and were painted and fitted by the end of the week. :D

YESTERDAY I got a call from NEMESIS saying that they were not sure if I had paid for the mirrors or not :excl: They asked me to check on my statements to see if I had paid or not. I as an Area manager of a retail company find this a very unprofessional act. Surely NO company would despatch goods without prior payment, I know MINE wouldn't without someone getting into serious trouble. As an Area manager, if I or one of my staff had made this same mistake, I would not dream of phoning a customer up after 4 MONTHS and asking to check if they have paid or not. RIDICULOUS

From a customers point of view, why should I prove that I haven't paid, I could be £250 better off but I honestly don't know if I am or not without going through loads of bank and credit card statements. Surely it is up to NEMESIS to prove that I haven't paid. If they can prove that I haven't paid then I will pay them gladly.



What are your opinions.

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i reckon the onus is on them, after all if it went to court they would have to prove you didnt pay, so let them check there records.

What if you have to get duplicate statements for your cards of arround that date,, are they going to reemburse you for that..

Id say, up yours, you shipped the goods, im positve i paid until you prove the nicest possibly way of course..

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