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Connecting A Computer To The Dashboard Touchscreen

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There are some guys here with a lot of experience in tweaking their cars.

I could not find an answer for my problem.

I have a 2003 RX3 (mk1). I do not have the NAV installed.

Is it at all possible to connect a computer to the NAV connection in the boot such that the touchscreen would work with the computer and I can load in the computer navigation and mp3 player software?

I wish so much that the answer is yes, however tedious the procedure is.



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hmm im guessing you will need an RBG converter then simply switch the screen between yur PC and the oem screen..

as for hooking up the PC direcetly to the nav connector...would think the answer would be no.

there are some more technical guys onhere who could offer beter advice.. ie Geoffers. im sure he will ba along soon.

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If it is serial data (most likely) then it is possible to read this into your PC, but you would have to switch out the Car side of things or you will be upsetting all sorts in the background.

I've not seen the screen, but as with most oem versions, the touchscreen info will be within the databus and you would need a fairly extensive knowledge of electronics, as the system will probably be polling the screen and go into error without a return from it while you have it switched across to the PC side of things.

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cannot remember what type of touch technology the OEM one is but an overlay could stop the standard touch working. Changing the screen WILL stop the standard touch working which will make the stereo useless.

ah yes the oem RX is touchscreen..

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