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Can anyone tell me if a new versoin of the sat navigation disc has come out yet ? I have 2004/2005 version 1 and as I live near the new toll road around Birmingham, the disc I have showed me going across empty space . Quite funny really it was totally lost kept telling me to turn right at the next roundabout :D .

If a new version is out can anyone point me as to where I can obtain it as my local Lexus centre has not found me one yet. Even if it means ordering it via the net, also the rear bumper rubber protection strip.



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I believe there is a 2004/2005 second version available, although that may just have feature updates for the 2005 model rather than map updates.

The rear bumper rubber is available from your dealer. If your local dealer cannot help then you could contact Lexus Edinburgh as they have been selling them for a while now and can send one to you in the post. Join gold and you will also get a discount.

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Our SE-L purchased mid-October has 2005 version 2. It identifies the road name "M6 Toll" when you're on it, but doesn't show it on the map - so you get the same appearance of driving across fields with the SatNav lady trying to get you back thru' a hedge onto the nearest road. :lol:

Doesn't seem very good as the thing's been open for over a year now. :huh:

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Have been in contact with

Barinder Sodhi

Customer Accounts Manager

0845 278 8888

Regarding map update re M6 toll road pointing out the map is not up to date etc and awaiting reply.

At least it has been bought to their attention which can't be a bad thing.


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