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Auto Dimming Mirrors

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Has anyone experienced a problem with the rear view mirrors (inc door mirrors) being too dark at night? Mine seem to go almost black, regardless of whats behind. This makes it difficult to see whats going on behind and almost impossible to reverse into my garage or a parking space. If I press the button on the rear view mirror and switch off the dimming everything is fine. Other cars I've owned with this function only tinted down when there were bright lights up behind. I would switch it off permanently but when you switch off the engine it defaults to on.

Oh yeah and while I remember watch out for the rear screen wiper when you wash the car!!! I lifted mine away from the screen while I washed the window, then walked into it after I'd done the tailgate, as its at eye level it came so close to taking my eye out! Friggin hurt :blush: !!!!


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Not sure on the type of mirror you have, but is there a sensor at the front too?

With my mates car, the dealer had put a sticker on the front at the top of the windscreen, right in front of this sensor.

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Works fine in my car, you're not wearing sunglasses?

What at night !!? No I'm not that fashion conscious :D

No sticker on the sensor either. And another thing, my last RX tilted the door mirrors down when you go into reverse, just noticed that this one doesn't is that right??

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Don't know about the darkening mirrors - mine are OK.

The tilting mirrors are probably switched off. The mirror adjustment switch which selects left or right has a centre off position. This also stops them tilting.

Thanks. you're right I found that out a few mins ago. Just been out with the kids its dark now and all rear view mirrors are virtually black (I know how daft that sounds !!!) But switch off the auto dim and there's a whole world behind me. I'll give the dealer a call & check it out.

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