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After a brief foray into Jaguar and the Mercedes S Class I have now decided to go back, and probably stick with Lexus. Sold my Merc and just looking around at the moment. If only they could get the ride and handling as good as the Merc, it would be a no brainer, apart of course from the ugly LS front end, maybe the japs think its cool?. Lookig foward to joinig the fold again.

Regards to all.


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You are dead right about the reliability thing Rillo. Have now bought myself a 2002 low miler and am picking it up tomorrow. As an aside and probably off topic, not sure what is the best car phone to get, I dont suppose Bluetooth was fitted in the 02 cars. I suppose it may even have one, only seen pics of car, too far away to look at it. I have tried the rest, now back to the best. :D

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Thanks for the welcome Supracharged. Maneesh, try an S class if you get chance, they do ride and handle better, and also the dash instruments are more informative. Everything else though, the LS knocks the socks off it, well thats my opinion anyway. :blush:

Once I'm back in normal mood, I will be checking the S classes out too. I drove a 2004 LS430 round the track earlier this year. Didn't get a chance to use the 6 speed box, and it rode and handled impressively. Wasn't impressed with tyre roar from the big fat 18 inchers though..Engine noise was more noticeable than in my 92 LS400..which is weird..

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