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Ecu Is 200


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Cheers all , done and dusted , S-AFC II,  fitted and car set up properly on a DynaPack.

And it works??

I got about 80kms more out of the tank after fitting the S-AFC.

When it was N/A I set it leaner and it pulled better and saved some of fuel.


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The car is now much better , the tuner (TrackDayPerformance on Co.Wicklow, Ireland) also fitted a bespoke cold air intake , made in stainless , with the filter on the intake , in the space in between the inner pastic wheelarch and the front bumper , sucking air from the (enlarged) scoop/vent beside the RHS foglight.

Combined with the S-AFC2 I now have 23bhp up on before.

Funny thing is, both mine and another IS200 , on the same DynaPack only showed 140 bhp....the other car is 2yrs older than mine...and the Dyno isn't reading low , as several other cars gave the proper bhp at a meet we had lately.

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