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Altezza Or Not Altezza?


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Hey people,

I have just sold my old car and am in process of gettin a new one, I have around £12K to spend (little more at a push).

I have been looking through Autotrader and suchlike, for an IS200SE (which I have now most definatly decided on), however, I keep getting tempted by teh imported models advertised by Bonsai Cars...

I was hoping people could let me know any downsides to purchasing the RS200 as opposed to the IS200SE, I notice that the imports are generally cheaper with lower milage and are alot quicker?

the concerns I have are,

;- Insurnace>Will this be alot more than a std UK car?

;- Maintenence costs>Will the import be any more to service/get fixed if anything goes wrong?

;- I also having trouble finding an Altezza with leather, is this just me or are they rare?

;- Are the dials in KM?

Your help with the above would be most appreciated, and any other comments regarding the comparrision of JAP/UK cars would be gratefully received!!

Thanks again!


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insurance is normally more. Worth checking but shouldn't be too bad.

Servicing may be cheaper as you could take it to Toyota dealers.

Leather is an option so yes they are more difficult to find.

Dials would need to be converted to mph to pass the SVA test.

Have a look at the sponsers at the top of the page. Altezza Sports and Prestige would be able to source you a good one.

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Firstly the Altezza is alot more fun to drive than the IS200, more power and the sound of the engine is to DIE for!!!

Worry about insurance first, get a quote see how it fizzles out, it might be cheaper than the IS200 with a s/c, which is thereabouts the same as a Altezza for performance.

Leathers aren't really an issue, i picked up a mint set from eBay for £350!!

Maintenance is not a biggie, but you are dealing with a rarer car than the IS200 but Toyota garage are able to get most of the parts.

I have no regrets buying my Altezza :driving: , except the steep insurance!!!! :crybaby:

Contact Scott at Altezza Sports and Prestige for more info, Also Mat has one for sale with leathers too :)

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i live about 10 minutes away from them, they are really helpfull. i personally have not delt with them, but my brother imported his Glanza through them and he highly recomends them, they helped him through all aspects of importing the car and sorting out the sva. i would have bought an rs200 through them but can only just afford the insurance on a standard IS as it is let alone a rs200!

give them a call and speak to the guy down there!

Jason :hehe:

you in southampton then? :)

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