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Pillar Pod's


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anyone know if you can purchase a pillar pod for two gauges for the IS or am i going to have to make something myself?

and if so how much i should be paying for one?

Don't really want a universal one, but would rather have one made to fit!

Thanks for all your help in advance!

Jason. :D

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make em ya self and fit them to the centre of the dash, i did. looks much better and doesnt restrict your vision. and its something different.

Plus the door pillar ones neva match your trim.

I will make you a completely custom centre pod for £70 if you want. will post pics of mine that i made. (£70 is for the beer money lol, as it will take me about 15 hours to make)

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well since these photos the pod has undergone 10 coats of clear laquer and had the oil tempo guage fitted.

Took about 2 mins to attach to the dash and can be removed without any trace that it was ever there should you want to sell the car.

its also very close to the rubber grommet in the fire wall

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thats pretty!

i went for rover gunmetal grey in the end.

gonna take it all off and respray it over the winter. wanna try a few new finishes and will be creating a few new pod styles.

Does anyone have a "spare" / damaged top tray and vent assembly that i could buy off them to create and completly new top section with gauges and screen?

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I can only say: Try to get an IS300 specific one.

It costs a bit more, but fits pretty good.

I also got a universal and had to cut and cut and cut..... now it looks ugly and doesn't fit really good. :angry::yawn:

Further it's not deep enough for the outside gauges.....

Once I saw 2 different gauge pods made for the IS300.

When I find them I will let u know.


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