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Fresh Air For My Pocket And My Is

peter c

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My is200 needed its 60k service recently i rang my local lexus dealer(mention no names but i live in Darlington N/east) i got quite a shock when i was quoted over £500 they explained that my car required new platinum tipped plugs which are very expensive,i found by a stroke of luck a new small garage in Darlington where the technician has started his own garage specialising in lexus/toyota he was very courteous and did an exceptional job on my IS for only £280,its nice to see these independent garages popping up as i for one cannot keep paying the extortionate prices of main dealers!

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The 60k one is a biggy with lots of stuff done. Did the independent garage do the same work for the service?

Hi yes and he used genuine parts,he also got me 2 front lower ball joints for £50 each and 2 front Bridgestone tyres for£100 each BARGAIN!!! B)

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Oil + Filter

Differential Oil

Air Condintioning Filter

Brake Fluid

Air Filter

Spark Plugs

Engine Coolant

Luckily i've now made a mate who is partly lexus trained and works for toyota. I'll be using him for most things ;)

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