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Gearbox Problems


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Picked up car today from Reading having had 2 year service, also informed them that I was having trouble changing from 1st to 2nd and sometimes it was baulking when going into 3rd. After the shock of having to replace 2 front tyres at 8700 miles, I was told that the technicians have noted the same fault and want to strip the gearbox down to find the fault. The receptionist could not book it in till she had authority from her manager, she also said it may ease up in the next few months once I have done 10000 miles (which is what she said this time last year and they changed my gearbox oil)

I feel that I should have a new gearbox under warranty, but has anyone else been faced with the same problem? Thanks.

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If you do a search and look through the archives here you'll find what you're experiencing with the IS200 manual gearbox is something of a standard 'feature'. You are certainly not alone.

Whether or not anyone has ever managed to get Lexus to acknowledge the problem, I don't know.

After 3 years it became very irritating for me and is part of the reason for why I don't mind driving an automatic now.


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i had my gearbox replaced after complaining to HQ, they arranged for me to go to Lexus Plymouth, who had a quick drive and agreed with me, i picked the car up 2 days later.

gearbox still does the same thing now though!

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