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Just What The Hell Is It?

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An interesting week with Lexus Leicester. I contacted them about a new remote control fob for my LS400 as there was not one with the car when originally bought.

Telephone conversation.

Lexus: Is she an import?

Me: Yes 1996 model imported in 2000

Lexus: Chassis number?

Me: duly gives them it

Lexus: That's not an import, according to our database it's a made for UK number.

Me: Oh

Lexus: Bring it in anyway and we'll see what we can do.

Next day at Lexus:

Lexus Technician: how does the locking work with the key?

Me: It has a double lock system. One for drivers door, two turns for all four.

Lexus: It's an import then, the UK ones don't have that.

Me: But the chassis number says she's made for UK

Lexus: And I notice you have rear aircon controls, definitely an import.

Me: What about the made for UK chassis number?

Lexus: Don't know, but this spec is not made for UK. Rear aircon has only recently been introduced over here.


Lexus: So we can't programme a new remote fob, unless we replace the whole ECU

Me: Bugger that, I'll use the key

so please help me - what the hell have I got??????????????????????????????

and does that mean that the US remote fobs they sell on eBay might work for me?

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I would get a second opinion! on the chassis No.

If she is an import and you have to replace the ECU that is going to be very costly. Go to an independant Alarm place and they should be able to fit yiu up with remote central locking by using your original key. I have a thatham fitted and it is just a fob.

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