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Early Christmas Lights In My Dash


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Can anyone help me please, my handbrake light and airbag light seem to be on permanently. I've checked the bulbs for the handbrake light and have checked and replaced all my brakes, but still no result. I've noticed when I start the engine the light is not on butfrom the first touch of the brakes it comes on and stays permanently on.

The airbag light just seems to be permanently on now, no idea how that happened.

Last of all, my ABS & TRC light starts flashing normally when i go up a kerb or when I am on full lock. Any ideas, they dont do this all the time and if i turn the engine of and back on again it normally dissappears.

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ok checked the cable under the seat and can't see any problems. I can't think at all what it can be. My earthing points in my car seem to be alright.

Could there be any cables under the arches i could be catching, because it seems to be when the shocks are compressed or when i am on a full lock is when the TRC & ABS light comes on.

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