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Whilst ive been meesing around looking for the revering beep im my Is 200 se i looked at the silver plate located on the panel inside the engine bay near to the windscreen and found the paint code which is the last 3 of the long numbers.

The paint code was 6R4.

I then looked up the paint code on this website in the knowledge base and it said that 6R4 was Glenlarvon Pine.

i have a touch up tin which has 6R4 typed on it also and it matches my paint perfectly.

The only problem is my car is supposed to be Kensington Green, but having never seen both colours next to each other i cant tell the difference anyway.

Is it the website thats wrong or is my car in fact Glenlarvon Pine and not Kensington green as stated by the Lexus dealer when i bought it.

Or are they the same colour with different names which is what some car makers do over time to confuse everyone. ?

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What year is your vehicle? The two colours are not the same. Kensingston green was used on the IS first. Newer ones I believe are Glenlarvon. Not sure when it changed.

hi colin i was hoping youd be on coz i knew you could help !

mines an april 2003 is 200 se

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Mine is Kensington Green - (I thought that there was only one Green colour!)

The paint code on the tin of touchup paint I got with the car is 6Q7.

Is there any peceivable difference between the two green colours to the naked eye?

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