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Bus Lane....


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yeah, i thought about that, but i have to wait the 28 days, and then have to go to an equiry etc...

Its all set up to make you think 'its not worth the hassle'..

B4 anyone gets hold of my hard earned,they will get as much hassle as is needed :) ............about 100 quids worth.

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I was photographed twice in 10 minutes ( in the same spot) in e london for straying into a bus lane. turned out that a car had broken down in the other lane and the only way ahead was to cut into the bus lane. the broken down car was not visible in the field of view of the camera. i appealed on the ground that i couldnt make the same mistake at the same spot in 10 minutes and asked to see video evidence. turns out that they were trying to prosecute about 50 other cars. i got let off but they're really cheeky.

do a search on google. there are websites that help you appeal and charge a small fee. i'd rather give some money to someone who has the initiative to make a business of this than Ken who's just a w*nker.

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