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Light Flywheel And Clutch


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  • 4 weeks later...

After a few days of driving and "autobahning" her is my upshot.

The clutch (Organic Ring Clutch) is very nice to drive. Very easy, no juddery. Very comfortable. This is highly recommended after your OEM clutch is worn.

The LFW. Engine revs faster. Driving feels more active but comfortable. It's fine tuning. Don't know, if everybody should have this BUT if you have it you never want to miss it again. It's like the shortshifter. First you think "What the heck ... :angry: " and after a few miles it get's better and better and better.....

And if you get back into a bone stock IS200 ........... :sick:

It's not cheap. But its very cool. Have to do some door sticker now. "Prolex-UK Lightened FlyWheel".

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  • 3 weeks later...

Balance is a game of revs. It could vibrate in resonance. But you won't feel if it is balanced right while ideling.

Dunno how to explain this in proper english.

For what I feel while reving: It is balanced. No vibration in the gearstick.

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