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Best Car Phone

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I need a good hands free kit for the 430. Do not want to wear a Bluetooth headset, but just press a button to answer/hangup. I do not send texts, take pictures or play games, also size is not that much of an issue. Any suggestions anyone.

Also to move completely off subject, anyone know what the current DVD map version is. I used to have a number that you could ring, and Lexus would lend you one for a couple of weeks, so that you could try before buy. Do they still do this?, if so, the number would be useful.

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I'd suggest going with a Bluetooth version of the car kit for future proofing. The hardwired kits mean you're tied to the one handset. Bluetooth means you can switch handsets, manufacturers etc.

Try the Nokia CARK 112

Or the Sony Ericsson HCB300

Upsides - No cradle, not tied to a specific phone, minimalist install

Downsides - No charging, no antenna

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I really could do with charging and aerial connection. Still cannot find where the end of the aerial cable is, I thought it was under the carpet near the passenger footwell?.

Not really bothered about keeping up to date, so fixed install is probably ok.

What I would really like is to put the phone and cradle in the centre console out of the way, and just have a remote wired button to answer and hang up. Not sure if any of the CARK kits do this. I have asked a couple of installers what they propose to do, both have given me conflicting answers, especially as to wheather the audio can be muted or not. B.T.W. I do not make calls on the move, just need to answer them.

Any advice or recommendations appreciated.

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