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Hi all just getting over the honeymoon period of owning my 200 sport and i am beginning to notice that when sitting at a junction ticking over that there seems to be a bit of smoke coming out of the exhaust at all times.

I would expect it when cold and it been this time of year but after becoming a bit paranoid about it and looking at every other car at junctiuons it does seem to smoke alot more than others even when warm.

Now not been a mechanic or anything and only ever owning 1.6cc engines before with pea shooter exhausts!!!!!!!!

Is it a common thing with larger engines or do i need it to be looked at??

It is only just over 3yrs old and full lexus history and 19,000 miles!!!!!


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Damn glad you asked that question Webby! :whistling:

I am in exactly the same position - I too notice smoke comming from the back of my car.

I was getting paronid because my previous car had a problem where it was burning oil (I had a leak) and it failed its MOT. Loads of smoke came out the back of it when I revved the engine hard...anyway.......

The first MOT for the Lexus is due in a few weeks and I was getting a sense of Deja Vu!

Glad its 'normal' - Mind you I didn't get any smoke at all today; even from cold startup :yahoo:

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