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Need Hekp On Turbo


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hey guys... im philippines... i have an lexus is200 here and its rare to have one here...

joined car shows and events already but im taking the next step to my car

turbo charging my car... i'm really scared of blowing up my motor because of the turbo but here in the philippines we have good fabricators and tuners that dyno tunes our cars...

my tubro plans is this...

garret t3 turbine for low boost aplication

intercooler 20x10x2

mandrell bent stainless exhaust manifold and downpipe

custom stainless 3 inch exaust pipings

hks dragger or apexi turbo muffler

sard hoses

one additional injector 440

additional fuel line

maybe blitz or sard blow off valve

hks shroom tyope filter

and most especially a greddy e manage to control eveything..

will this work for our cars? 1gfe inline 6?

i trust this guy but i need more inputs and suggestions

do i need more parts? it will be dyno tuned maybe at 6 to 8psi low boost only

how many hp will it give? its a daily driver car i mean i use it like 5 hours a day so i dont want any trouble or some sort..

will it run good with the e manage? ill tell the tuner to tune it at a low boost but of course i want to maximize our engine

heres some pics of my car:

need inputs please... this is a big step for me.. want a super jdm drifter car.. will put craft square or ganador mirros too...

thanks a lot :) :)

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i opted for 21/2 piping for the exaust because i think 3 inch will be too big... do you think?

also getting a bigger intercooler 30x10x2 instead of 20

need suggestions...

dont want any trouble after turboing my car...

i just want some kick and the blow off sound and the intercooler...

and i need a suggestion of the piggyback or standalone unit...

what is the best for turbo is200?

e manage? urberdata? power fc? safc2?

i really dont know so all the turbo people here please help me out dudes :)

my car will be turboed next month already

thanks a lot

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