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Front Bumper Removal

Lexus Jim

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ok a very brief guide for u:

remove 2 plastic 1/4 turn "screws" from either side of the grille (4 in total) and then reomve a proper screw from the middle of the grille.

turn the steering wheel one way to gain maximum room in the wheel well, remove the plastic retaining inserts from the well liner at the front , peel back the liner at the area where the tip of the bumper ends - here you will see a 10 mm screw, remove this and do the same on the other side.

while you are there you can see the fog lights - remove the electrical connector also.

at the front of the car under the bumper you will see about 8 ish 10mm bolts keeping the bumper in place, remove these and also bolts from the plastic guards in front of the wheel ( the L shaped things)

at this point would be best to put a blanket or something on the ground so u dont scratch the bumper when removing it.

ok now just work the bumper loose - chech the tab for the middle screw for the grille is not caught!

ok now just pull the bumper away a little, on the RH side ( when looking at the car) you can see the water pipe for the headlight washers, there is a little wire clip keeping it on, remove this and slip the pipe off - WATER WILL COME OUT so watch the blanket, plug the line if u can be bothered.

thats it, i might have missed a bolt out but it is self explanatory when u are doing it.

hope this helps?


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Did the dead today and was very easy (especially as Gord was giving me a lift and he's had his bumper off a fair few times) The bulbs in the back of the fogs were both welded in so broke both of them taking them out (only 1 slightly, the other had to drill/smash out) so got new fog bulbs and cleaned the fitments of all the cack that had built up and the new bulbs fitted sweet. Apparently its quite common and at Lexus, apparently they will just replace the whole unit at a cost of about £130 (instead of 10 minutes of carefull drilling and levering with a screw driver) gave me fogs a good clean with some metal polish and look much better now

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